WBT : Shaping the future

Data tray, data center grade, cable trays

WBT products are a mix of innovative new concepts and ideas to offer better cabling support with less environmental impact and easier and faster installations. WBT has developed a shaped “wire” basket tray configuration which increases the support of any critical cabling infrastructure over 400% versus what the competitors offer. A definite advantage because as today’s transmission speeds and bandwidth increase, any pressure points or bending on cables can contribute to performance problems.

Advantages of using WBT products

  • 12 foot tray sections which require less splicing hardware and install faster (20% savings in hardware & labor)
  • Our Green Policy; no post production chemical cleaning & plating (A huge environmental impact); strive to utilize 100% recycled steel content; kraft packaging (no bleaching white); catalogue printed on recycled paper/soy based inks.
  • cUL certified including painted tray.
  • Special T-weld to insure safety for both the installer and the cabling from sharp edges.
  • Project Partnership offering free BOM creation and design assistance while working with end users and contractors.
  • Made in USA, manufactured at WBT’s Illinois facility, offering excellent leadtimes.

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