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Republic Conduit : EMT, Rigid and Aluminum electrical conduit

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EMT, Rigid and Aluminum electrical conduit

Republic Conduit™, from Maverick Tube Corporation, is the largest producer of high quality tubular steel products in North America. Their products meet or exceed industry standards and customer expectations. With the growing use of sophisticated electronic systems, steel conduit offers significant advantages: computers and CNC production equipment are shielded against electromagnetic interference from power distribution systems that can distort images on monitors, alter or destroy data, and disrupt communication links.

Unique benefits

Republic Conduit™ also provides unique benefits which include; Inch Marked® conduit; features for easy bending and faster low-cost installation with uniform bends with Guide-Lined® conduit; Diamond Knurling and Silverslick® coating on inside surfaces of Silverslick® conduit for easier pulling and pushing of wire. In addition, they are the only conduit manufacturer to stand behind their product with a one year written guarantee to replace electrical conduit products if customer is not satisfied with quality. Republic Conduit™ supplies two quality lines of electrical raceway products: EMT & Ridged Conduit. Visit their website for product specifications.

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